Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Roman Society Lacks Nuance

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Perhaps somebody from "the Roman Society" could explain to us what it is this group of coins is to be "saved" from? From Coin dealers and coin collectors? Are they a danger in some way? If so, why do we deal with the danger by public expenditure when all we need to do is change the law? Can we have a Roman Society statement on the "dangers of the trade in Roman coins"? Can we?

Tompa Tweeting Again

Trumping the US
Just when you thought the Peter Tompa zombie twitter account was dead, it raises its foetid head and howls again:  https://twitter.com/Aurelius161180?lang=pl  Mind you, it's only about that limping Baltimore illegal coin import stunt
Will due process concerns trump rigged bureaucratic decision-making? Let's hope so

Got it in one

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Our failure to understand how cultural heritage is really threatened, in one tweet. Thank you @artcrime
Erin L. Thompson 3 godz.  Display about IS destruction of cultural heritage at @BowdoinMuseum w/unprovenanced art from private collection sigh 


Monday, 25 July 2016

They Create a Desert and call it "Science"

"In der Archäologie geht es nicht darum,
etwas zu finden, sondern darum, etwas herauszufinden".

It is good to see our protest about "citizen archaeology" figured on Rainer Schreg's Archaeologik Wissenschaftsblog (Citizen Science für alle)
Gerade hierin liegt aber die große Schwäche von PAS, dass nämlich diese Sensibilisierung eben nicht in ausreichendem Maße erfolgt und viele der vermeintlichen Erfolge von PAS tatsächlich eher zum Schaden der Wissenschaft sind, indem Befundkontexte zerstört und das Vertrauen in Fundortangaben untergraben werden.
Would that this were true:
Derzeit gibt es einen großen Aufschrei gegen die Deklarierung von PAS als Citizen Science
There is actually a great silence from the British archaeological community (apparently for the most part , limp-wristed, pandering jobsworths who could not give a tinkers about any of this). It is good that there are archaeologists elsewhere keeping their eye on the ball.

Seaton Down Coins

The coin hoard from Seaton Devon was reported by an artefact hunter who guarded the find from nocturnal artefact hunters who might be tempted to visit the site (most just hoik away and tip them on a tabletop in the fading afternoon light) 'Seaton Hoard, Dug Methodically by Archaeologists: Finder Slept in his car on Site Protecting it From Other metal Detectorists'. The artefacts are going on display in Exeter after the Treasure reward of £50,000 was paid - now all that is needed is the funds for the conservation, cataloguing and archival storage of the 23000 items, and then the full publication to at least die study level of the hoard and its context.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Russian Experts at Palmyra

Reuters Staff, 'IS destruction too extensive to restore Temple of Bel in Syria’s Palmyra' Reuters July 23, 2016
Two ancient monuments in the Syrian city of Palmyra were so badly damaged by Islamic State that they can only be rebuilt using substantially new materials [...] Experts from Russia’s Culture Ministry have assessed the damage in Palmyra after the UNESCO world heritage site was recaptured from Islamic State in March [...] One of the symbols of Palmyra, the Greco-Roman Temple of Bel, founded in the first century, “can be hardly restored”, the Russian experts said in a report presented on Thursday. “A recreation of the monument can only be made by its reconstruction using designs and photographs after preliminary clearing of the building’s ground,” the report said. This will require at least 3-4 years and “significant financing”, the experts added, estimating that the rebuilding of another key monument, the Arch of Triumph, would be possible within 9-12 months. “After the re-creation of the monument it will 60-70 percent consist of new materials,” the report said about the arch, whose vaults it said were “fully destroyed” by an explosion. Some original fragments of the nearly 2,000-year-old Temple of Baalshamin could be restored in 2-3 months, they said.
A decision on which works will be rebuilt has not been made yet, Russia called on other countries to take part in discussions on the restoring the ruins in Palmyra, including how such work would be funded.

Hanson, Metal Detecting Finds and a Metal Buttock

Hanson's auction house of Etwall, Derbyshire sees a new economic opportunity in flogging off archaeological artefacts. They are holding a "Specialist Auction: Metal Detecting Finds Tuesday 29th November - 10.30am". It is worth mentioning that Hanson's was one of those approached by "Trebletap" in an attempt to sell a piece of looted Saddam Hussein statue.

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